Ice bucket challenge tells you: what are the disadvantages of construction machinery marketing?


In the late summer and early autumn of 2014, bucket after bucket of ice water poured down on the head. Microsoft's Bill Gates, Facebook's Zuckerberg, Amazon's Bezos and Apple's cook all did not hesitate to "wet themselves" into the camera. These world's top technology tycoons sacrificed their performances like moths to the fire. In fact, they were all completing a challenge, in fact, they were all for a charity.

"ALS ice bucket challenge" requires participants to publish video content of themselves being covered with ice water on the Internet, and then the participants can ask other people to participate in this activity. According to the activity, the invitees will either accept the challenge within 24 hours or choose to donate US $100 to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The purpose of this activity is to let more people know about the rare disease called gradually frozen people, and also to raise funds to help treat it. On August 18, 2014, the ice bucket challenge activity spread to China, and many leaders and stars in the scientific and technological circles and cultural and entertainment circles were named or voluntarily participated in the activity.

Facebook revealed that more than 1.2 million people posted videos on the ice bucket challenge, and 15 million people participated in the discussion on this topic. According to Yahoo Sports News of the United States, from July 29 to August 12, the headquarters of the ALS Association received a total of 2.3 million US dollars in donations, compared with only 25000 US dollars in the same period last year. Counting the donations received by the branches of the association, ALS expects to receive $4 million in donations in two weeks, compared with $1.1 million last year. According to time magazine of the United States, at least 150000 new people participated in the activity in the past week. As of 3:00 p.m. on August 19, the topic of ice bucket challenge had reached 230 million readers and 227000 discussions on Sina Weibo, ranking second in the list of popular topics on Sina Weibo.

There is no doubt that the ice bucket challenge is a successful marketing case. As a construction machinery industry that also relies on marketing, when we are talking about the success of others, we can not forget to think: the same is marketing, what is our difference? What are the disadvantages?

Virus marketing is slightly weak
The data shown above can be regarded as the remarkable achievements of "viral marketing". "Viral marketing" is a commonly used network marketing method, which is often used for website promotion and brand promotion. It uses the principle of Hukou monument communication. On the Internet, this "word of mouth" is more convenient and can spread as quickly as a virus.

For construction machinery enterprises, there are not many classic cases of "viral marketing", but there are really few. The prohibited word element of "viral marketing" is to make full use of the Internet. Looking at the whole industry, the most common marketing activities held by enterprises are still to participate in exhibitions and hold on-site promotion meetings. A small number of enterprises have conducted a small amount of online publicity for these activities, either one or two press releases or one or two special topics. Few enterprises will use official Weibo and official wechat to promote and spread the activities. I wonder if they think it is unnecessary or think it has little effect.

In fact, such behaviors and views are really out. This "ice bucket challenge" is rapidly becoming popular around the world on Facebook and twitter, and it also created a record of attention on Sina Weibo, a social platform. When the Internet is changing our social life, we cannot ignore that it is also changing our marketing channels.

We feel the strong power of "viral marketing", and we should also clearly recognize that this is the energy released by the Internet platform. Making full use of the Internet and communication channels is the first step to do a good job in marketing.

Novelty and creativity
Challenge celebrities, either pour a bucket of ice water on your head, or donate $100 to offer love to the "gradually frozen people" who need help. On the one hand, it uses the celebrity effect, on the other hand, it increases the interaction and interest, and on the other hand, it has attracted extensive attention. They are also charity activities. How can people's creativity be so novel?

There are many kinds of charitable activities in the construction machinery industry, such as building hope primary schools, granting grants, caring for left behind children, and so on. They have indeed offered love and sent help to people in need, and achieved the charitable effect. However, if we add some creativity and innovation, I think the effect of charity should be more ideal, and more people should be helped and cared for.

After many years, we still remember the two Durex shoes on the rainy night; Even if we haven't been to Australia, we know that there is a job in the world with prohibited words; Even if you don't remember what the website is called, you can't forget the slogan you speak for yourself... The success of a marketing case requires the close cooperation of many factors, of which creativity is the most critical element. With unique creativity, there is a soul. With unique creativity, there is a pass to success.

The star effect is often overlooked

It is said that the reason why the "ice bucket challenge" spread so fast is directly linked to the celebrity effect. This activity requires participants to post video content of themselves being covered with ice water on the Internet, so the stars did it all. The brilliant images of such celebrities as technology tycoons, Hollywood entertainers and NBA stars have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, it is really rare for them to be thrown into a mess by ice water, and it is even more rare for these people to "wet themselves" collectively. How can this activity not be popular?

Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, cook, Kobe Bryant, Ronaldo, Neymar, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Robin Lee, and Gou... If they are put together with these names, it is a matter of raising their status. There is a reason why stars from all walks of life flock to them. When stars join, fans will naturally pay attention, and the force of star effect has reached its limit.

We might as well imagine that one day, Sany released a new excavator. Mr. Liang Wengen, Mr. Tang Xiuguo and Mr. Xiang Wenbo all posted this news on their microblogs, or just sent a photo with this new excavator. What would be the effect? One day, we saw a photo of Mr. Zhan Chunxin sitting on the tractor on his Weibo. What will happen?

There is no shortage of stars in the construction machinery industry. It is a pity that the interaction between stars and us is a little less, isn't it?

The success of the "ice bucket challenge" is not accidental. Although many people doubt that this kind of behavior is not charity but a show, the unique creativity, good use of the media, and firmly grasp the psychology of the audience are all worth learning and reference for the construction machinery industry.